What is a Green Wall?

Living walls or vertical gardens are going to be key factors of future life. It is at the leading edge of contemporary architecture, creating a liveable environment. Its popularity is growing throughout Europe

Green walls give an immediate solution to the spatial challenge often faced in commerce.

GREEN WALLS use minimal floor space and still provide a high volume of foliage. The BIN FEN Green Wall systems can be constructed vertically to any height. This innovative solution can be used widely to fulfil new social and environmental demands from creating aesthetic surrounding to improve life quality indoors & out


Is based on a new & unique patented concept. It consists of 5 single planted containers with a mini water reservoir. Clipped into a plastic frame these frames can then be clipped together to form a self supporting structure, or cover a wall, creating densely planted, textural vertical green surfaces.
While providing an instant, green solution to architectural facades additional benefits of the BIN FEN GREEN WALL SYSTEM include thermal insulation, improved air quality, reduced noise and increased acoustics, while adding instant aesthetic value to interior spaces. The unique container is suitable for almost all species of plants as it is planted in a natural orientation. Other benefit of our planting method is that soil does not spill out on the ground, while plants can grow in their natural geotropic way.

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